Welcome to the new digs.

If you typed in tonimcgeecausey.com and got here–to themisfitchronicles.com, then everything worked as it should. I’ve built this new site in order to consolidate my writing news, blogs, etc., with my photography and design/remodeling. There will be far more updates here than on the old place, which necessitated the move. I highly recommend xuni.com and Maddee and Jen over there for anyone who’s looking for someone else to build a site for you.

For me, though, my business has grown–both the writing business, and the photography (and, well, the remodeling, too). I’m still populating the galleries, so you’ll see a lot more new pics in the coming days, and more blogs (much shorter, unless I get on a tear).

And… I’m going to be giving away the THREE Bobbie Faye short stories, for FREE, in just a couple of weeks. They’re all done, formatted, and the covers are finished. We’re finishing a couple of minor details, and ONLY the SUBSCRIBERS to the newsletter will get them free. Plus other stuff, and news, in the future, about what’s coming up next, so tell friends, if you know someone who’d be interested.

Major thank you and hat tip to CJ Lyons (www.cjlyons.net) who walked me through the stages of getting this puppy set up, when some of it made me want to smack something, hard. Fairly frequently. She has been immensely patient, and a wonderful friend.

More updates, very very soon. Stay tuned!


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4 thoughts on “Welcome to the new digs.”

  1. I love the new digs. I’ll be here whenever the doors open. 😉 And I’ve started saving my money so when you get your RL gallery open, I can buy all my favorites to repopulate my office. 😀 (Love this one! I have a pic of that very space but not nearly as gorgeous as yours! LOL)

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