Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk

I met up Saturday night with a group formed from the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk — which has apparently been an annual event for a little while now, and I hadn’t realized it. There was a really great group meet-up in the Quarter–met some terrific people. I had to leave early for a family thing, but I hope to get to meet up with more of them, soon, as it was really fascinating not only seeing the Quarter from others’ eyes, but how it got me out of the way I normally shoot and helped me see things I hadn’t thought to shoot before. Like the one below, which turned out to be my favorite of the night.


diner low res

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2 thoughts on “Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk”

  1. Wow! I love it. I wouldn’t have imagined such a diner would even still exist. But then, my town is mostly full of chain restaurants and strip malls. Clearly, New Orleans has more to offer. ; )

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