Mardi Gras and beyond…

I cannot believe I haven’t updated since Christmas. Geeeeeeez, it’s been busy around here.

There was Mardi Gras in all its abundance. I rode in the Nyx parade and had an absolute blast, then walked in the St. Ann parade Mardi Gras day–really wonderful experience. I loved all of the costumes and the camaraderie, and joy.

Since then, I’ve been busy finishing up the final details of the new, very dark book, coming out toward the end of May (I think….). People who have subscribed to my newsletter will get a free novella and the first look at the cover for the book, as well as the opening chapter. (Subscribe by clicking the button in the footer, then filling out your email and name. You will be sent an email to confirm your subscription, and you must click that to finish up the process.)

Meanwhile, here’s a couple of Mardi Gras shots. I’m working on two new books, one dark, one light (with Jenny Crusie), as well as more photos, plus the remodel-the-building saga continues. I’m not sure that one will ever be done.





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One thought on “Mardi Gras and beyond…”

  1. I love your photography. And your descriptions actually make me want to come to Mardi Gras. Some day. As much as I love NOLA, I’ve never had any real desire to be their during the craziness. 😀

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