LaTrobe Park, which is an oak lined small part near the French Market in the French Quarter.

LaTrobe Park in the French Quarter near the French Market

There’s a very pretty little micro-park right near the French Market that a lot of people miss. It’s a lovely place to have beignets and coffee and sit and people watch.

I edited this shot so that it was more painting-like. Sometimes I like to play with light and see what I can mix up in Photoshop. I used to paint (oils) as a kid through my teen years, and I’ve wanted to start back a number of times, but I have no place for the mess, and the smell permeates any place where you set up–not a great idea for where we live. I’m not even sure I could pick up a brush again after all these years and remotely like the process; I think I’ve gotten used to painting in photoshop and the speed that gives me something finished vs. the hours of painting. Instant (nearly) gratification.


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