An early morning shot of Jackson Square and the Petite Theater in the French Quarter

Jackson Square and the Petite Theater at 5:30 a.m.

This was another very difficult-to-get shot; it was a rainy morning, and the Square was empty of even the tarot card tables and the various homeless who’ll sometimes sleep on the benches. The sky was staring to pink up and there was a big garbage truck just beyond the site of the buildings, on Chartres, about to come into view. Its headlights, though, illuminated the street for me as if they knew I needed the extra help, and I grabbed this shot. About two minutes later, someone who’d had too much to drink the night before (and was apparently still drinking), ambled into my camera’s view and no matter which way I pointed, they ambled over to be in the shot. By the time they stumbled back out of view, the garbage truck had made the corner and was heading up St. Peter, and the buildings were too dark to grab this kind of detail.

I love, too, how the Cabildo lights were on upstairs. That’s not usual, from what I’ve seen, for them to be on that early. There’s a yoga class that takes place up there where those lights are, about 7:30 every morning, and one day, I’m going to live close enough to that spot to walk there. (And everyone I know just cracked up laughing.) (It could happen.)


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