French Quarter building with graffiti.

Graffiti building at Ursaline and Decatur in the French Quarter

When I was out one morning with my husband in tow, I grabbed a bunch of shots of this building. The building itself is gorgeous–I have another version that shows all the stories above, and how beautiful the old brick really is. At the time, I thought the graffiti both beautiful and ugly. We are constantly battling the tags on our own street, and it was frustrating in a way to see so many tags on such a gorgeous old building. I’m all for street art when it’s really art, and not just someone who’s ready to piss on the world by damaging property (rather than art, which at least expresses something).

And then… as I developed the shot, I ended up loving it. It’s a mark in time for this building–which was, ironically, about to undergo renovations (and I hadn’t realized it at the time). Just a week later, orange plastic “wire” barricades were thrown up around the building and signs from the construction company were put up. (And those signs were almost immediately covered in graffiti, so they added a secondary fence.) I’m going to be curious how they manage in the future, once the building is re-done, to keep the graffiti off it, since it’s such an iconic place, now.

I’m glad I got the shot; that moment is lost in time, and no one will be able to go back there and get just that shot. It’s amazing how fast that happens here, in a place so old, you sort of assume it always stays the same, when there’s nothing further from the truth.

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