Can you tell us the chronological order of the Bobbie Faye trilogy?

A: It’s confusing, at first glance, since the first two books of the trilogy were released as trade paperbacks, with different titles, and then later re-released with new titles, covers and in mass market form. I really wish there had been a way to alert readers (besides just having it here on my site on the “books” pages) as to the changes, but sometimes, those needs aren’t as obvious until after they’re a need.

First off, the first two books were originally released as:

Bobbie Faye’s Very (very very very) Bad Day


Bobbie Faye’s (kinda sorta not-exactly) Family Jewels

When it came time to think about the release of book three, St. Martin’s Press had begun to feel that the covers of the trade paperback versions just weren’t quite working. I can understand their frustration, as we had all banged our heads against the metaphorical walls, trying to figure out how to market a trilogy which was pretty rough-edged, high octane, with a thriller structure… but funny. How do we let the readers know what it is? Not an easy thing to do. As you’ll know, when you walk into a book store, there’s really not a comedy section for fiction, so figuring out a cover became a nightmare.

SMP decided that they wanted to try something new to see if they can better convey the nature of the books. To that end, they re-vamped everything, including the titles (and truly, it would be very difficult to put those long titles + my name + artwork on a mass market size cover).

So book 1 became:

Charmed and Dangerous

Book 2 became:

Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

And then book 3 came out as:

When A Man Loves A Weapon

I loved both covers (old and new) for different reasons, and so far, fan mail has been running about 50/50 as to preference.


Do you have a preference?

A: My preference is for the mass market versions, not because of the covers, but because St. Martin’s Press graciously allowed me to add material to the first two books, which made me a very happy writer.


Is there going to be another Bobbie Faye book?

Eventually. I’m not exactly sure when. I DO have some Bobbie Faye short stories, including a really whacked out novella, which will be published ASAP. (I will put links here as soon as I have them.) I DO plan another short story or two for the interim while I’m working on other projects. I really really love all of you Bobbie Faye Fans and want to give you more of her world. I’m peddling as fast as I can. (grin) So please hang in there, with me. If you want to know when something is out, please sign up for the newsletter. The button to take you to the quick-and-easy form is at the top of every page.


What are you working on now?

I’ve just finished up a very dark southern-gothic suspense, and I honestly think it’s the best work I’ve ever done. It was the most difficult, emotionally, especially with what happened with my brother over this last year, and when I was really feeling like I couldn’t write again, he sort of kicked me in the butt and made me promise that I wouldn’t quit. I lost him on December 18th, 2012, and I miss him every single day. This book is for him. I will update this section when I know when and where it will be available. For more about Mike, see this and this.

Currently, I’ve started to adapt a screenplay I wrote a while back that is the script that just wouldn’t die. It’s a romantic comedy/caper, and it’s been optioned for film more times than I can count. Ironically, it never occurred to me to write it as a book until this year, and I’m sort of flummoxed as to why I didn’t think of it before. It’s the script that I wrote that absolutely everyone loved, and big name stars were attached to. (Which means next to nothing in Hollywood, but it was fun to imagine it.)

I’m also co-writing a secret project with CJ Lyons for middle-school kids–very fun, caper-type story. More on that when we’re done.

When those two are done, I’ll think about a Bobbie Faye spin off. So many people (in the thousands) have either emailed me or voted in my poll, and several characters are pretty well tied for “give them their own spin off series,” so I’ll have to figure out which to focus on, first. The beauty is, you’ll see Bobbie Faye in the background of these, and she might just boss her way into having another book or two herself. We’ll see.

I hope to do one light and one dark book a year. I’m not sure how realistic that is, and I’m not the world’s fastest writer, but that’s the goal. I reserve the right to laugh hysterically at this later and delete it. (grin)




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