Man, it has been difficult picking out the colors of the building we’re remodeling in the Quarter. We both started out certain we wanted red, with white trim. Until we really started looking at reds, and found that most of them were either too orange at some point in the day, or too purple later in the evening. Rust was out (there are two prominent buildings near us that are rust), as well as yellow (same reason).

You would not believe how many quarts of paint we murdered today to pick the final final no-going-back-dammit final colors. I thought I might have the record, but I found out from Sherwin Williams today that someone else, over the course of trying to make her decision, had gone through 96 quarts. At least I’m not that bad. (Close, but not that bad.)

We settled on a forest green for the main portion of the building. A darker shade of that green for the molding that go across, and a cream for the columns and the surrounds of the windows. For the mullions, a deep rust accent color.

It’s got to be approved by the historic committee this week, because next week is sunny and perfect for our painters to get started. Fingers crossed.

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