When A Man Loves A Weapon

COVER -- WHEN A MAN LOVES A WEAPON Living in her trailer was great for a time. But now Bobbie Faye’s officially engaged to, and has purchased a home with, the hottest FBI agent on the beat: Trevor Cormier. Even though she has no idea what he really does on the job, Bobbie Faye has never been happier… until Trevor gets called away on an urgent assignment and leaves her in the care of bodyguard-slash-babysitter, Riles. As it turns out, Bobbie Faye could use a little extra security. The man she helped put behind bars, the murderous Sean MacGreggor, has escaped from prison… and is dead-set on revenge. With still no word from Trevor—who was only supposed to be gone for three days—Bobbie Faye finds herself reluctantly turning to her detective ex-boyfriend Cam for help. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect Bobbie Faye… so long as Trevor stays out of the picture. For good

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