3 short stories giveaway… last cover reveal…

And continuing the cover reveals for the last of the three free stories in the short story giveaway for NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS ONLY, here’s the HOT MESS OF A WEDDING novella cover:



This novella takes place about five months or so after the events of book three (which is titled WHEN A MAN LOVES A WEAPON).


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13 thoughts on “3 short stories giveaway… last cover reveal…”

  1. How do I get these 3 short stories? I loved the series and can’t wait to get my ands on these three short stories!

  2. Vicki — all you have to do is subscribe to the newsletter — see the “Sign up here!” icon just above the navigation bar? or in the footer? Either one will work. Go sign up and you’ll get a confirmation email that will have a link for you to click to verify that you wanted to subscribe. (It’s a safety measure so that no one can add someone’s email address without their permission.)

    Next week, when I send out the newsletter, you’ll see the download links for the free stories.

    Glad you’ll be joining us!

  3. Thank you, a thousand times, thank you! The stories were all wonderful (the first one seemed remarkable familiar 😉 ), but the wedding story was exceptional. Every bit as good as the full length books. It’s possible that at one point I may have thrown both arms in the air while shouting “YES!”
    (there is even some discussion about it happening twice, but I refute this as beneath my dignity).
    Should you ever feel the need to write another Bobbie Faye story, considering the several leads you left yourself, I could be persuaded to buy it. This does not mean I would be (caught) jumping up and down in manic glee, however. I simply feel the need to support struggling artists, such as yourself. Ahem.

  4. Cheryl — thank you! I hope that first one was familiar because you’d seen it on the St. Martin’s Press site (a long while back). Thank you (re: wedding one). I’m so glad you enjoyed. LOL about the dignity thing. I’m not entirely sure Bobbie Faye has ever met Dignity. 🙂

    I’ll be writing more, now that I’ve sort of broken through and grasped where BF is going next…

  5. Janet – I forwarded you the newsletter tonight. In it, there is a link at the bottom which will take you to the page where I have them linked. When you click that link, they will pop up right then to be read. And there are instructions there if you would prefer to download them to your computer or email them to your tablet. Let me know if you don’t get the email I just sent you.

  6. I found your books (by accident) at the library, and I loved them! I went right out to buy them. Borders had the old titles and the new titles, and I bought all of them thinking that they were all different books. I kept them anyway (will pass one set to my daughter some day), and I have now honestly re-read each title at least five times. Your books make me happy, thank you!

  7. Dory — they’re free to all my newsletter subscribers. If you go to my home page, you’ll see a “sign up here” button — click that, and subscribe. You’ll be sent a confirmation email (where you have to click a link saying yes, you really did mean to subscribe–that keeps anyone from spamming you with unwanted subscriptions). After that, you’ll get a confirmation (that the click was accepted), and a welcome email. In that welcome email, there is a link to get all of the stories in one download.

    Sorry for the extra confirmation steps, but I have to put them in place to keep anyone from just auto-subscribing people who may not want to subscribe.

  8. Hi Cindy — I’m sorry about that–they may have gotten caught in your spam filter. I’m going to send you a link (using the email address you’ve used here). Let me know if you don’t see it today.

  9. Loving Bobbie Faye! Glad to see it looks like she is back in the titles where she belongs :-). Also, from reading above glad to hear you’ll have a new BF’ adventure. I’m signing up for the emails today.

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