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  1. I can’t wait till the short stories are out! And whatever else you have coming out! I loved your books and they’re on my keeper shelf. I’ll be re – reading them soon so I’ll be prepared for the new stories!!!
    Keep up the great writing (and your photos are great too!)

  2. I can’t seem to see the short stories, other than the title. Are they out yet? If not, when will they be?
    Thank you!

  3. Robin, they are out. Did you join the newsletter? They’re free there to subscribers; once you join and then confirm that you wanted to join (an extra step, but it keeps anyone from being signed up when they might not want to be)… you’ll get a confirmation email. The link is in that confirmation. If you want to join and didn’t yet, the link is at the top of every page (the “sign up here” button). If you already joined and didn’t see the link, email me (toni@tonimcgeecausey.com) and I’ll forward you the link. If you didn’t join and don’t want to, but still want the stories. they’re free as a library loan on the Kindle via Amazon, or for sale at 99cents each. (I’d much rather fans of BF get them free, but I recognize some would rather not join the newsletter.)

    Let me know if this helps you, okay?

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